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How many batteries do American's purchase every year?
3 million 30 million 300 million 3 billion 30 billion
Americans purchase nearly three billion batteries annually.
Did you know...
Lead acid batteries are 65% water.
aa batteries
The average grocery store markup on AA batteries is 70%.
lead acid battery
The lead acid battery is over 100 years old.
It's complicated
Battery Babe FlyingHave you ever tried to buy a car battery in an auto supply store or a computer battery at Best Buy?

If so, you know it takes an engineer to figure out what model you need. Then you hit the cash register and find you’re looking at a major price gouge.

Battery Babe feels your pain. Before donning her superhero togs and slipping on those powerful wrist cuffs, our blue-haired beauty was just as confused. Now she gets a charge out of ensuring you’ll never overpay for a product that’s 65% water.

With over $50 billion spent worldwide each year on batteries, you’ve got to figure somebody is making a lot of booty off of batteries. Well not anymore! Battery Babe will soon be here to ensure you never have to dig deep simply to buy a little portable power.
Battery Babe is charging up
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